"Shamanism is as old as our mountains, as deep as our seas, as expansive as our universe and beyond. The day that sacred mother earth took her first breath, shamanism was born." ~ Shona Sullivan

About Us


Spirit Dream Weavers is here to enable deep life changing healing for the individual, the collective & beautiful sacred Mother Earth. Hi my name is Shona and I'm a sharer of Shamanic teachings & a Shamanic Practitioner, Breathwork Practitioner & Light work energy healer. I've been truly blessed to have worked & trained with some of the most amazing teachers along my crazy journey & I would love to share their wise teachings, experiences & healing gifts with you, all interwoven with some of my own learning & teachings from my guides. My Shamanic  teacher training is that of Sandra Ingerman, Shamanic teacher & acclaimed writer of "Walking in Light," "Medicine for the Earth," & "Soul Retrieval, mending the fragmented self."  I've also been lucky enough to train with some amazing indigenous Shamans, in Peru & Nepal, & some great Native American teachers too.I work with people in groups & workshops, sharing ancient Shamanic Healing Rituals & Practice. I teach Sandra's work in Core Shamanism for Practitioner Training, which is a body of beautiful & extensive work. I bring my own guidance & evolution to the work, as Shamanism is never static. You can join us at various dates throughout the year for workshops, training, drumming groups & fun. Learn the ancient rituals of our ancestors, through honoring our seasons & the sacred festivals of our lands too. If you would like to work with Shamanism at a deeper level, we offer a 2 year Shamanic Practitioner training which involves completing various courses to give you a base of understanding through the practice of Core Shamanism. Through the mastery of Shamanic Healing Practices & an opening of your connection with your spirit guardians, power animals & the divine creator, you can truly illuminate your true souls path. Find your way to a better connection with Mother Earth & your tribe/community. 

If you would like see more info about the Practitioner training you can click here Shamanic Practitioner training.

You can also join us through out the year for various Breathwork workshops, Drumming Circles, Women's Moon Lodge  & all manor of fun & frolics so do stay in touch.....

Individual 1 to 1 healing sessions

I also offer individual healing sessions in which we work towards allowing a release of all our internal fears and emotional blocks, so creating a more harmonious & healthy way of being in the world. I work with the ancient Shamanic Healing Lore of Soul Retrieval for soul loss through trauma. Extraction, a process of removal of toxic energy blocks in the body. Power retrieval, body part retrieval & transfiguration. I also practice sacred spirit release, which creates the most amazing shifts for your physical & mental body. I work using the healing sounds of the drum or the vibration of the rattle to pass through the veil into the  other-worlds to commune with the guides, guardians, power animals & healing spirits on your behalf. They will then give guidance as to what is best needed for the highest healing for you at this time. We can then start to work together with them to bring in the healing work that they wish to share with you. This is an amazing  way of working for the individual or the collective to create deep and lasting healing results, that will with out question bring about change for the highest good. Always working with direct revelation, only bringing through the work of the guides, can only bring through the healing of the most powerful vibration & resonance.

I also offer healing sessions where you receive an experience of transcendental oneness & healing from my guide, this is a 1 to 1 session where you just receive divine energy transference from him to you. We will not direct the energy, it will just happen as I transfigure & allow him to work through me. This is not Shamanism, this is energy work.

“The transcendental state of Absolute Oneness sets the human mind free.”― Abhijit Naskar

We can also use the power of Breathwork to journey inward—carried by life's breath—to work on deep routed ancestral patterning and emotional blockages.You can change your whole way of existing in this magical world through these healing sessions. Allow yourself the gift of stepping forward in truth & with renewed love in your heart. This is not a Shamanic healing, but it works beautifully when combined with Shamanic healing or as a stand alone healing modality. Open up to limitless possibility....

Using all of the above we can work with - addiction, depression, grief, trauma of any kind, compulsive & learnt behavior patterning, deep rooted emotional issues, negative family & ancestral patterning, sacred spirit attachment release, physical issues too, for me Shamanism always is an amazing way of working through all our inner work on a spiritual level or powerful compliment to other therapies.

You can change your whole way of existing in this magical world, through these healing sessions. Allow yourself the gift of stepping forward in truth and with renewed love in your heart. Open up to limitless possibility.

Please see our upcoming workshops and do contact me if you would like to learn more.

It's there for everyone, it's just knowing how to tap in.

Everyone is welcome to come & dance the dance.

Blessings, smiles & lightdancing to all you beautiful souls xxxx